Zimbabwe Trip Report – APRIL 2012 – SEEING IT WITH OUR OWN EYES

APRIL 2012 – Eddie Mushayandebvu – i360 friend and partner.

I would like to thank all those who took time from their busy schedule to plan for our trip to Zimbabwe, those who received us so warmly in their homes, providing for us and showing us this amazing work in Zimbabwe. This indeed has been a life changing trip for my family and me. We confirmed everything that we had heard about Foundations for Farming and the Zimbabwe Trumpet Call.

I set out on this adventurous trip with my wife Fatima and son Panashe who was our camera men. We travelled right across Zimbabwe for over two thousand kilometers from the north eastern point of the country visiting villages in Mt Darwin district of Mashonaland Central province, to the southern point in Matebeleland South.

This has been the most amazing trip I have undertaken in recent years. The timing of our visit to witness the Zimbabwe Trumpet Call in action in Zimbabwe was crucial. April is harvest month. Much of the crops in Zimbabwe are almost ready for harvest at this time.

Trip Objectives

We set out on this trip with the following overall trip objective:

To witness first hand, the Trumpet Call Vision in action, how people in Zimbabwe are being mobilized to feed the nation of Zimbabwe by following the Foundations for Farming method with the goal of sharing my findings with prospective donors back in Canada. In particular I wanted to meet the Trumpet Call Team God and to see how they were organized.

To meet the other partners and confirm their buy in to the Trumpet Call Vision.

To confirm on the ground that indeed the Foundations for Farming was yielding the results that were claimed it was yielding.

Highlights of the trip

1. Meeting amazing men and women committed to the Trumpet Call Vision. People of great faith who have committed their lives to loving the poor – those who are unable to repay them back. These people have faced danger, suffered personal losses but have kept on going. Amazing.

2. Witnessing the success of Foundations for Farming in the field was mind blowing. I was able to confirm beyond any shadow of doubt that those who have implemented Foundations for Farming methods will harvest up to ten times those who have stuck to conventional farming in the rural areas. We have witnessed this with our very own eyes and believe the testimony we had heard before to be true.

3. Finally we were amazed by our visit to the Ebenezer project on the Cunningham’s Family Farm in Kezi Southern Matebeleland with 30 apprentices being trained on farming project and community leaders over a two year period. We saw the miracle Dam that is capable of irrigating 300 hectors of land. Ebenezer is a place where young people are trained to make a living and to become leaders in their communities. An amazing place!


I must say overwhelming that we were able to confirm as true everything that had been reported to us by Scott Marques and Lindani Dube about the Zimbabwe Trumpet Call.

We learned how the Foundations for Farming is organized, and structured. We were able to assess Foundations for Farming and partners’ capacity to manage the Trumpet Call –Agriculture Program. They are well organized and making it happen.

Finally and more importantly, we were able to confirm on the ground that indeed Foundations for Farming are yielding the results that were claimed it was yielding. We interviewed a number of successful small scale farmers and listened to their success stories. We observed the difference between non Foundations for Farming plots and Foundations for Farming and the difference was like day and night, and finally we listened to the challenges they faced and how they overcame.

As I reflect on my experience over the two weeks in Zimbabwe, the question that fills me up is where do we go from here? What role can you and I play now that I have witnessed a glimpse of an amazing work in Zimbabwe?


Eddie is a CGA and a Senior Finance Officer in the Shared Services & Finance Division of World Vision Canada