BE A BRIDGE – A Walking World Fundraiser – RAISED $51,300.00



Initiative 360 – Take it Global and Bridging the Gap Africa are excited to announce that the BE A BRIDGE - A Walking World Fundraiser RAISED OVER $51,300.00.

Funds raised by this initiative are being used to rebuild a footbridge that was washed away by a raging river. Because of your help, once again girls will be connected to the resources that will empower them to fulfill their dreams of a better and brighter future. The new and improved bridge design will increase access to the Kakenya Centre for Excellence, an amazing girls school in the Trans Mara region of Kenya. Click here to watch an inspiring five minute feature by CNN that explains how the Kakenya Centre for Excellence is transforming lives.

After hearing about the amazing work being done at this school and the impact of the destruction of the bridge access, Dr. Artaj Singh, President and Chairman of i360 said, “one of our strategic mandates is to increase access to education and empower future generations. This partnership and project is allowing us to do this and leverage our collective energies.”

Tim Windsor, Initiative 360 Board Member and Clinical Service Director at Primary Care Niagara crosses the Welland River in Niagara Falls for the i360 and Bridging the Gap Africa BE A BRIDGE Walking World Fundraiser.

Please choose the “Bridging the Gap Africa – A Walking World Fundraiser – TIM’S RIVER CROSSING in the “SELECT THE FUND YOUR DONATION WILL SUPPORT” section of our on-line giving portal.

i360 provided matching funds of $20,000 CAD to this campaign .

In rural Kenya rivers often create divides that prevent or limit access to education, healthcare, markets, and commerce.   Bridging the Gap Africa and i360 believe that rivers should not be barriers.

A simple footbridge saves lives by preventing drownings and animal attacks and brings social change by increasing school attendance, providing access to medical care, connecting farmers to markets, and enabling economic opportunity.  Bridging the Gap Africa is a non-profit organization that assists local communities in rural Kenya to build footbridges across dangerous rivers.  To date the organization has enabled the construction of over 55 footbridges and we believe that there is a need for hundreds of bridges throughout Kenya.

What if your community did not have bridges?  What if you had to walk through a river to get to school or to work?   What if a river prevented your family from getting access to medical care?

We suspect that those of us that are reading this post do not know what it would be like to live in a Walking World where there are no bridges.

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