i360 Provides Funding to Protect Children in India from Human Traffickers

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i360 is a proud funding partner in the EFI-Children At Risk Program in India. This program seeks to effectively address the complex issue of human trafficking by way of a multi-pronged objective and strategy that includes an understanding, based on research, of socio-economic and external factors which lead to a flourishing of trafficking networks in the 2 districts of Rauxal and Khatihaar in Bihar India. .

The Ultimate Goal: To respond to, prevent and protect victims of trafficking by equipping and engaging local churches and communities to improve the quality of life through development of their economic and social growth.

The main aim of the project will be to build the capacity of the churches to create resilient communities that are safe, empowered and educated to respond to issues of the trafficking in the state of Bihar and to advocate for the rights of victims through awareness and legal intervention, where the individual’s fundamental rights to life and security are not violated.

Project objectives:

Aim 1: To create awareness of the extent of the negligence, exploitation and discrimination experienced by children in India and to advocate with national, state and district authorities to safeguard the interest of children.

Aim 2: To build the capacity and strengthen the involvement of churches and civil society in promoting and securing the rights of children from the Tribal and Dalit communities by empowering them through awareness of relevant laws and polices and the need for attitudinal changes towards forced labour.

Aim 3: To provide strategic intervention by opening children’s clubs and literacy centers and by developing child advocates.

Aim 4: To mobilize communities to address issues of poverty alleviation by building resilient communities which are safe and empowered with livelihood means through Self-Help Groups (SHG’s) and where the Church leaders are equipped.

Aim 5: To build and strengthen strong networks with churches, like-minded NGO and government agencies to lobby for improved action in prevention , protection and rehabilitation of the trafficked person.

Aim 6: To rehabilitate trafficked victims.

Aim 7: To provide legal support to persons affected by trafficking.

children resuced


The six girls in the above picture belong to the hilly track villages of Dumari village in Jharkahnd . These six girls were rescued by the EFI-Children At Risk Team from the Loherdaga Railway station while being trafficked through Delhi.

The traffickers were well know friends of one of the victims. They were taking the girls to sell them in Saudi Arabia, saying that they will be going to get dignified jobs. The reality … they would have then sold as sex workers in that country. The team was successful and were able to rescue these young girls and get the traffickers arrested.


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