i360 sends Medications and Portable Ultrasound to Rural Hospital in Zimbabwe

We were asked by Dr. Paul Thistle, a Canadian surgeon working in Karanda Hospital in Zimbabwe to help with the critical need of medications as well as a much needed portable ultrasound for their hospital.

paul thistle with ultrasound

NOTE FROM Dr. Paul Thistle. “… Using the new portable ultrasound. I can even count digits on the baby. Many thanks to i360 and the Singh family; Artaj, Judy and Elyana.”

Karanda Hospital is a rural hospital serving a large under serviced population.  The hospital does about 2,000 deliveries per year and about 3500 surgeries at its 100 plus bed hospital facility.  They have an on-site nursing and midwifery school as well.  With the help of Fujifilm Sonosite we were able to acquire a sophisticated portable ultrasound machine as well as a significant quantity of prescription medications from Health Partners International of Canada.  Dr. Artaj Singh’s daughter Elyana Singh undertook the project a few months ago to start raising funds to acquire the ultrasound and medications.  With the help of friends and corporate donors she was able to raise the funds to acquire and deliver the medications and the ultrasound machine with the wholesale value at about Can$35,000.

We met with Dr. Thistle at Karanda Hospital and their senior staff on our visit there in Dec 2016.  We were were very encouraged and impressed by the work that they are doing in this very underserviced area of Zimbabwe.