2017 Highlights  

Funded full endoscopy suite for the CEML Hospital in Angola.

Funded 2 ultra sound machines for the CEML Hospital in Angola.

Funded the setup and equiping of a Neonatal High Care Unit (ICU) at CEML Hospital in Angola.

2017 BE A BRIDGE Fundraiser has already raised over  $35,000.00 to build footbridges in Kenya.

Dr. Artaj Singh and his daughter Elyana Singh will be volunteering providing care in December at Mother Teresa’s Home for the Destitute and the Dying in Calcutta India.

Highlights from 2016

2016 BE A BRIDGE Fundraiser raised over $51,000.00. Rebuilding a washed out footbridge once again connects girls in rural Kenya with their school and dreams of a better & brighter future.

Provided funding to [email protected] to protect children in India from human traffickers.

Sent $35,000.00 in medications and a portable ultrasound to Karanda Hospital in Zimbabwe.

Paid to airlift 1.74 million dollars of medicines to Ecuador to help the victims of the earthquake.