Initiative 360 – Take It Global

a small charity organization with agility … this is our strength

i360 -TIG has the advantage of partnering with grass roots, on the ground movements that include, at an operational and board level, national representatives and leadership. This means that our thinking and planning is not disconnected from the real and present problems that these individuals face daily.

Not Just an Opportunity… An Obligation

“Not too far from us, a few blocks away, there are kids without enough to eat and without parents who care. A little farther away, hours by plane, are people unable to reach their goals because they live in a community that just doesn’t have the infrastructure to support them. A bit farther away are people being brutally persecuted by their governments. And the world is filled with people who can’t go to high school, never mind college, and who certainly can’t spend their time focused on whether or not they get a good parking space at work.

And so, the obligation: don’t settle.

To have all these advantages, all this momentum, all these opportunities and then settle for mediocre and then defend the status quo and then worry about corporate politics – what a waste.

Flynn Berry wrote that you should never use the word “opportunity.” It’s not an opportunity, it’s an obligation.

I don’t think we have any choice. I think we have an obligation to change the rules, to raise the bar, to play a different game, and to play it better than anyone has any right to believe is possible.”  -  Seth Godin from ‘Tribes’

i360 Partnerships

i360 is pleased to have a formal partnership with CEML HOSPITAL located in the southern province of Huila in Angloa. They serve over 2.5 million people, many of whom have no access to medical care.  LEARN MORE..

i360 is pleased to have a formal partnership with BRIDGING THE GAP AFRICA, an non-profit organization that is dedicated to saving lives and improving the quality of life for marginalized communities across sub-Saharan Africa through the construction of footbridges that provide safe passage across dangerous rivers and ravines. LEARN MORE..